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Award winning filmmaker, VFX artist, editor, puppeteer and multi-talented renaissance man, known for founding the company Dirx Puppetry and Film and creating the children's series Dino Bites.

Originally from England, I am a graduate of the acclaimed Media Arts program at Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Rather than focusing on a single discipline, my skills are often applied across multiple workflows during media creation; all the way from writing to final product distribution. 

My editing and visual effects work spans television series, short films, documentaries, web series, and advertising. This ranges from photorealistic 3D models and compositing through to 2D animations and motion graphics. Several productions, such as
Sam Stone or Stranger Things With Puppets involved combining large amounts of two-dimensional footage and drawings into three-dimensional environments 

Not only do I work in the editing/VFX post-production side of media, but I also have a heavy hand throughout most of the creative process. My partnership company,
Dirx Puppetry and Film, specializes in puppet building and performance for film and television, with a recent introduction to live stage performance for which my original play The Questing Beast won the Patrons Pick award at Toronto Fringe Festival. 

Through Dirx Puppetry and Film, I have worked with companies such as The Pokémon Company, WildBrain, Tongal, and Universal, winning several awards for short films and other media, such as creating the entirety of the show Dino Bites, a 30-episode web series with 2.5 million views.


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